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Why choose Brokerly?

Brokerly real estate agency


We answer all calls in real time (the system and technical capability are in place)


We respond to all emails within a day

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Valuation before sale using the opinion of a professional appraiser

Bigger agencies

The service of a professional photographer is included in the price

Bigger agencies

Introductory video included in the price


Drone video and photos are also included in the price

Depending on the property, larger agencies

We make floor plans with exact measurements ourselves, which also includes the arrangement of the furniture (included in the price)


Home staging (if necessary) included in the price

Some agencies

Unique additional sales channel included in the price (10,000 views per month)


Virtual tour of your property where it provides added value (included in the price)

Some agencies

Legally correct contracts

Bigger agencies

Professionally written texts in 3 languages

(Estonian, English, Russian)

Some of them

Quick but effective listing (2-3 days from the call to posting the listing)

Some agencies

When making announcements, we also visually highlight all the advantages of the real estate for sale. (arrows, diagrams, plans, distances, utilities, virtual tours and videos)


 *The only real estate agency in Estonia that makes a floor plan with exact measurements and an introductory video for all properties, and also has a unique real estate sales channel with 10,000 views a month.

By ordering a real estate brokerage service from us, you will get:

  • Peace of mind that no contact will be lost and will be answered in time

  • Ensuring that information about your property reaches potential buyers

  • Ensuring that information about your property reaches potential buyers

  • Be sure that everything is legally correct (important to avoid hidden defect claims in the future)

  • Be sure that you will get our support even after the sale and  ​​ in solving the related concerns (temporary storage facilities, rental apartment, acquiring a new property)