Real estate agency service

Why use the services of a real estate agency?

  • You rule out all kinds of scams
  • You can get your property sold or rented faster
  • You can be sure that the transaction has been completed legally
  • You will save a lot of time

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How we help you:

    • We meet at the property and discuss expectations for sale or rent.
    • We take professional photos and video If necessarywe also preparestageing, before taking the photos, we arrange the furniture and small details in such a way that your home leaves the most attractive impression on the new buyer.
    • The Brokerly team has been operating in the real estate business for over 20 years and is very familiar with the market situation and opportunities. We have a very large cooperation network, which creates an opportunity to find quick solutions for both the buyer and the seller of real estate. We help renters and landlords to find their dream home or tenant
    • We make a floor plan with furniture and dimensions so that the potential client can get a good overview of the object.
    • We start with the process of actively selling or finding a tenant, which involves uploading ads to various real estate portals and other internet channels that have proven to be a good place to find clients.
    • We have a real estate channel on YouTube with about 10,000 monthly visits. An overview of the property, which is provided by a high-quality video, is a very strong selling point and contributes significantly to the quick completion of the transaction.
    • During the sale and rental process, we also actively cooperate with other real estate agents to ensure that your object is handed over as quickly as possible.
    • When finding a suitable buyer or tenant, we will help you complete all the necessary legal documents.

Why choose us?

Us Others
We answer all calls in real time (the system and technical capability has been impemented) Try it out
We respond to all emails within a day Try it out
Valuation before sale using the opinion of a professional appraiser Bigger agencies
The service of a professional photographer is included in the price Bigger agencies
Introductory video included in the price No
Depending on the property, drone video & drone photos are also included in the price Depending on the property bigger real estate agencies
We make floor plans with exact measurements, which also includes the arrangement of the furniture (included in the price) No
Home staging (if necessary) included in the price Some agencies
Unique additional sales channel included in the price (10,000 views per month) No
Virtual tour of objects where it provides added value (included in the price) Some agencies
Legally correct contracts Bigger agencies
Advertisement texts in 3 languages (Estonian, English, Russian) Some of them
Quick but effective action (2-3 days from the call to posting the ad) Some
When making announcements, we also visually highlight all the advantages of the real estate for sale. (arrows, diagrams, plans, distances, utilities, virtual tours and videos) No

*The only real estate agency in Estonia that makes a floor plan with exact measurements and an introductory video for all objects, and also has a unique real estate central additional sales channel with 10,000 views.

By ordering the brokerage service from us, you will get:

  • Peace of mind that no contact will be lost and will be answered in time

  • Ensuring that information about your property reaches potential buyers

  • Ensuring that information about your property reaches potential buyers

  • Be sure that everything is legally correct (important to avoid hidden defect claims in the future)

  • Be sure that you will get our support even after the sale and in solving the related concerns (temporary storage facilities, rental apartment, acquiring a new property)