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Smart home essentials

 Smart home: Tested insights for smart living in Estonia

In the heart of Estonia, where technology meets tradition, there’s a rising trend transforming homes – the smart home revolution. As Estonia continues to establish itself as a tech-savvy nation, there’s no better time to embrace the future. Whether you’re in the market to buy or rent, or simply just enjoy modern living, these steps will help you infuse your living space with modern comforts.

Building a smart base

The backbone of any smart home venture… a reliable and high-speed internet connection. Estonia, known for its advanced digital infrastructure, ensures that you have the connectivity needed to power your smart devices seamlessly. This is perfectly in line with the demands of modern real estate living.

Brighten Your Home with Smart Lighting

Let’s shed some light on intelligent lighting solutions. These brilliant smart bulbs and lighting systems give you control with a simple touch or motion command. All while contributing to energy efficiency. Your lighting is there to suit your mood and schedules to simulate your presence. In the dynamic world of real estate, smart lighting definitely adds a touch of modernity. 

  • Smart LED Light Strips: Adhesive LED strips for dynamic room lighting with customizable colors and brightness.
  • Motion-Activated Smart Bulbs: With motion sensors for brightness adjustments in response to movement. And turning off when the room is empty.
  • Sunrise Simulation Smart Lamps: Designed to mimic sunrise, gradually brightening for a gentle wake-up with customizable color temperatures.

Easy climate control

In the real estate scene, comfort is key. Keep your home cozy with effortless climate control. Meet smart thermostats; your remote temperature regulators. Pair them with eco-friendly heating and cooling systems, and you’ll contribute to a sustainable, energy-saving future for your home and the planet. High-efficiency heating and cooling systems optimize energy usage, ensuring your home stays comfortable without unnecessary power consumption. Picture walking into your home with your ideal temperature all through the year.

  • Smart Radiator Valves: Attachable devices for radiators, allowing room-specific heating control through a mobile app.
  • WiFi Air Purifiers: Providing remote monitoring, control, and real-time air quality updates.
  • Smart Ceiling Fans: With sensors, adjusting speed and rotation based on temperature and occupancy for efficient climate control via a mobile app.

And the most important: Securing your home

In the world of real estate, safety comes first. Estonia’s strong commitment to cybersecurity should extend to  your home.  Picture your dream home fortified by the latest in smart security, offering not just an extra layer of protection but a connection that lets you keep  a hostile attackers away from your home. 

  • Smart Doorbell Cameras: For real-time monitoring and notifications, enhancing home security.
  • Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras: With wireless connectivity, providing remote access and motion-triggered alerts for heightened surveillance.
  • Smart Door Locks: Equipped with smart technology for keyless entry, remote control, and monitoring through mobile applications,

Entertainment made easy

Picture turning your living room into a cozy home theater using smart entertainment systems…a personalized experience just for you. With voice-controlled smart speakers and integrated smart TVs, Estonia’s tech-savvy residents can enjoy a world of entertainment. Enhance your audio-visual experience by incorporating smart streaming devices and virtual assistants.

  • Smart Streaming Devices: Seamless streaming of online content to your TV, offering a variety of entertainment options.
  • Voice-Activated Smart Speakers: With built-in virtual assistants for hands-free control of music, information, and other smart home devices.
  • Smart Projectors: With connectivity features, allowing wireless streaming of movies and multimedia content for an enhanced home theater experience.

Does a smart home add to the resale value of your property? Well, as an example, smart lock entry makes it easier to rent out the property and avoids the hassle of lost keys and lock changes. But if you choose a smart home base or system that has some flaws then it will affect the value of the property negatively (we have had those kinds of situations so choose wisely).

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