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Rental Realities: Tips for First-Time Landlords in Estonia

Thinking about renting out your home in Estonia? Great choice! Explore these simple tips to make your landlord journey easy in this beautiful Baltic country. In the world of real estate there’s plenty to consider, so get your pen & paper ready.


  1. Know your property

Take a good, close look at your property. Check every part of it. Knowing it well helps you decide on the right rent when you’re ready to rent it out. It also helps answer any questions from those interested in the property. When you understand your property, you can easily respond to any questions or concerns which make a good impression. Plus, since you won’t be seeing the property as much when you do rent it out, you’ll know exactly how you left it, preparing you for the unexpected.


  1. Team up with a top real estate agent

Team up with a local expert. They handle paperwork, find great tenants, and make your property stand out. Having a skilled real estate partner ensures a smooth and successful rental experience. This way you’ll make sure you rent out your property legally & safely.


  1. Be ready for surprises

Renting comes with surprises, from unforeseen repairs to unexpected upgrades. Be prepared for these twists and turns by maintaining a financial cushion. Having a safety net in place can ease stress when dealing with unexpected costs that may arise during your landlord journey.


  1. Keep records

Write everything down! Whether it’s rental agreements, payments or even maintenance. Keeping good records is not just useful for problems but also follows Estonian rental rules. For instance, if there’s an accident, having a clear record of how the property was before the tenant moved in helps figure out who’s responsible and the costs. Good records make it easier as you have something to refer back to.


  1. Choose Tenants Carefully

Picking the right tenant is important. Check their history and references. Look for tenants with a good renting record, who pay on time, and have had a positive relationship with previous landlords. On the other hand, be cautious if someone has a history of late payments, disruptions or property damage. A thoughtful choice creates a good relationship between you and the tenant, making renting a smooth experience for everyone. It also avoids complaints and keeps the renting experience peaceful.


  1. Know the rules

Estonian rental laws can feel like a puzzle. Stay informed to avoid legal headaches. For instance, knowing the maximum allowable rent increase or the required notice period for terminating a lease can save you from accidental rule-breaking. 


  1. Check in on your place

Even if everything seems okay, it’s good to take a look around your property. You might also discover things you didn’t notice before.

For example, you might notice a leaking faucet or a crack in the wall. Fixing these early on prevents water damage and avoids a higher repair bill later. 


  1. Talk openly with your tenants

Communication is crucial. Have open conversations with your tenants to build trust and create a positive renting experience.

For example, discuss any upcoming maintenance to ensure their comfort, and address any concerns they might have. Being transparent about the rental process and expectations fosters a healthy landlord-tenant relationship. It’s just a friendly chat to make sure everyone is on the same page, creating a happy living environment for all.


As you start your landlord journey in Estonia, remember these tips. Stay flexible and talk openly with your tenants. Challenges may come, but with a proactive approach, understanding your property, and good communication, you’ll navigate the rental world confidently. Here’s to a successful and enjoyable time as a landlord in Estonia!


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