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Top tips to create the ideal country home

City escapes: Top tips to create the ideal country home

In the heart of Estonia, there’s a special place that feels like no other, an escape from the busy city life….the countryside. If you’ve ever dreamt of your own Estonian country home, you’re not alone. Many of us, either living in the countryside or with a second home nestled in nature, treasure this Estonian tradition.


After all, with over 50% of Estonia’s land covered by forests, it only makes sense to enjoy this natural wealth. Inspired by our shared love for homes in nature, we’ve come up with some tips to get the most out of any country home.


  1. Nature-inspired design

Let the beauty of Estonian landscapes inspire your home. Choose natural materials like wood and stone to give it that authentic touch. Why? Because these materials come straight from nature, adding a genuine feel to your space.

And large windows are a must. They create a connection with nature by letting in sunlight and fresh air. Not to forget the beautiful view for you to enjoy…. whether that’s a beautiful sunrise or a moonlit sky. Every time you look outside, you’re soaking in the beauty of Estonia. And who knows what animals you might see.


  1. Outdoor bliss

Make the most of your outdoor space. Design a comfy patio with chairs and a small table for morning coffees or stargazing nights. Create a designated area for growing flowers, herbs & vegetables to enhance visual appeal. Imagine picking fresh basil for your homemade pizzas, or mint for refreshing summer drinks. It’s a flavorful addition with a touch of homegrown goodness. 

And why stop there? Consider adding hammocks for lazy afternoons, swings for a playful touch, and maybe even a small pond to attract birds. And why not create a simple fire pit/barbecue area? Perfect for marshmallow-roasting or summer barbecues.


  1. Cozy Interior

Make your country home suitable for all year round. The fireplace, a must-have and perfect for Estonian winters, adds warmth and becomes the heart of gatherings.  Plus, you can gather all the firewood needed from the forest.

With enough space for cooking and cozy corners for chatting, make sure your kitchen is not just practical but also a place where meals turn into memories.

Opt for soft lighting to create a calming atmosphere. 

Natural textures, like wooden furniture, help connect your home to its surroundings. Keep it inviting and ensure every corner is a snug spot for relaxation and conversation.


  1. Sauna

Include a sauna in your country hideaway, whether standalone or a room. Saunas have been part of Estonian life for centuries, offering a space to socialize and connect with nature. 

Did you know? Besides relaxation, saunas boost circulation and promote a sense of well-being. So, adding a sauna isn’t just a luxury. It’s a bit of Estonian culture that brings tradition, tranquility, and health benefits to your country house.


  1. Sustainable Living:

Bring Estonia’s love for nature to your country home by adding solar panels. These panels capture sunlight and turn it into electricity, giving you a green and cost-effective energy source. Additionally, try rainwater harvesting by collecting rain in barrels. This provides a free and sustainable supply for your garden or other household needs. It’s a simple way to live more eco-friendly and save on both energy and water bills, especially if you have another home in the city too.


Creating the perfect Estonian country house doesn’t have to be complicated. Just let the beauty of nature guide your choices, add a touch of local traditions, and your home will be a cozy haven where every season brings a unique and comforting charm.


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