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Finding the perfect real estate agent

4 easy steps to find the best Real Estate Agent in Estonia

As you set out on the path of buying or selling a property, it’s easy to overlook one big thing – picking the perfect real estate agent. Get it wrong and you’ll encounter some unexpected challenges.
With numerous real estate agencies and brokerage firms available, it’s essential to understand the qualities to look for and, just as importantly, what to avoid.

Green Lights & Red flags

Georgi Zanev CEO of Brokerly
Georgi Zanev CEO of Brokerly

1. Reputation

Green Light: Knowledge and experience
Find a real estate agency or brokerage company with a good reputation. Your ideal agent should be a real estate expert, have a proven track record of successful transactions and a deep understanding of the local market. Real estate reviews and testimonials will give you a good insight into this. Your go-to agent is your real estate sidekick – someone who not only carries out regular real estate market analysis, but practically has every detail at their fingertips. They know the local real estate statistics, the real estate trends. Their every effort is a confident step towards your goals.

Red Flag: Lack of transparency, inexperienced, vague answers to questions
Picture dealing with an agent whose explanations (or lack of) leave you feeling lost, like reading a map in a foreign language. An inexperienced guide can turn your real estate journey into a maze without a clear exit. Avoid the confusion; choose a reputable real estate professional to ensure a hassle-free experience.

2. Communication

Owe-Martti Lemsalu real estate agent
Owe-Martti Lemsalu real estate agent

Green Light: Clear and consistent
A trustworthy real estate agent keeps the conversation flowing smoothly. They don’t leave you hanging – quick responses, regular updates, and clear info. Just like a friendly chat buddy, a great agent keeps you in the loop and ensures you’re always in the know. Choosing an agent who prioritises clear and timely communication ensures that every step of your real estate buying/selling journey is guided with transparency and efficiency. This not only eases your experience but also builds a sense of trust and reliability.

Red Flag: Slow response rate or lack of communication
Be cautious if your agent is slow on the reply, forgets to mention changes, or leaves you wondering about important details/updates on your property. Communication breakdowns can turn your real estate adventure into a guessing game – not exactly the fun kind.
In a world where you already have enough on your plate, the last thing you need is added stress from a detached real estate agent. This may lead to frustration, delays, and unnecessary uncertainty.

3. Costs

Green Light: Crystal clear costs
A good agent is open and transparent about property prices. They lay it all out in black and white – breaking down every fee, every detail in line with real estate laws and regulations. They want yo
No unexpected charges, no shocks, guaranteeing your journey is wallet-friendly and there are no surprises along the way. A great real estate agent works hard to find you affordable housing within your budget. They aim for the best value, ensuring you get the most for your property investment.

Red Flag: Hesitant, unclear & hidden fees
Avoid real estate agents who play hide-and-seek with costs. If it feels like they’re keeping financial secrets by being hesitant to discuss costs, presenting unclear financial details, or surprising you with hidden fees, it might be time to research other real estate agencies.

4. Client-Focused Approach

Green Light: Caters to yours needs & preferences
Picture your ideal agent as a matchmaker, putting your needs and preferences at the forefront of every decision. They’re like your real estate cupid, understanding your goals, going the extra mile to handpick elements that fit your checklist, whether you’re in the property market for buying or selling. And when negotiations come into play, they’re not just about the deal – it’s about securing your best interests. Going for a skilled real estate pro who acts like your personal matchmaker ensures a smooth and personalised experience in the world of real estate.

Red Flag: Hidden Agendas
Exercise caution when dealing with real estate agents who seem to prioritise their own agenda, steering you towards properties that don’t align with your criteria or showing minimal interest in understanding your goals, whether you’re buying or selling real estate. If it appears that they are more focused on their own game plan rather than assisting you in finding the ideal home or buyer, take it as a signal to step back and reconsider your choice. Being vigilant about such signs can contribute to a smoother real estate experience and increase your chances of working with a reputable and client-focused real estate professional.

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