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LPG car Chevrolet Aveao

LPG vs petrol in Estonia what do you need to know ?

You can save 53% on fuel cost by using LPG

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and petrol (gasoline) are two different types of fuel commonly used in vehicles. When comparing the cost of operating an LPG car to a petrol car, there are several key differences to consider:

Fuel Cost:

  1. LPG is generally cheaper than petrol on a per-liter or per-gallon basis. This means that you may spend less money on fuel when driving an LPG car.
  1. Fuel Efficiency:   LPG has an energy content of about 25.5 megajoules per liter, while petrol has an energy content of approximately 32 megajoules per liter. This means that, on average, LPG has roughly 79% of the energy content of petrol per liter (25.5 / 32).
Chevrolet Aveo 1.2 in Tallinn
Chevrolet Aveo 1.2 in Tallinn

An example calculation with a Chevrolet Aveo 2010 car with 1.2 L engine (real car we are renting out to clients).  The specs for this car give average consumption of 5.5 L/100km on petrol so it will use 21% more LPG so 5.5*1.21=6.66 of LPG per 100 km. 

Currently the price of 95 petrol in Tallinn is 1.729 per liter so the cost for 100 km will be 5.5*1.729= 9.5 EUR

Currently the price of LPG in Tallinn is 0.675 per liter so the cost for 100 km on LPG will be 5.5*1.21*0.675 = 4.49 EUR which is a savings of 53 %

LPG prices in Tallinn November 2023
LPG prices in Tallinn November 2023

2. Conversion Cost petrol to LPG:

Converting a petrol car to run on LPG typically involves an initial conversion cost. This includes installing an LPG tank, carburetor or fuel injection system modifications, and other components. The conversion cost can vary depending on the vehicle type and the complexity of the conversion (2023 prices in Estonia 1000-2000 EUR per car).

3. Availability of LPG in Estonia:

The availability of LPG refueling stations can vary by region. According to there are currently 30 LPG stations in Tallinn and you can find the full list for LPG stations here

4. Resale Value of LPG cars:

Petrol cars which have also the option to use LPG  often have a higher resale value as it makes using the car much cheaper and economical rule of thumb is that an petrol car with the option to burn LPG too costs 1000-2000 EUR more (that is roughly the cost to install the LPG system in Estonia ).

5. LPG emissions and Environmental Considerations:

LPG is generally considered a cleaner-burning fuel compared to petrol. It produces fewer carbon emissions and air pollutants. This environmental benefit may be a consideration for some drivers.

6. Maintenance:

  1. LPG cars require additional maintenance  and have specific servicing needs but which are not difficult or expensive in Estonia
  2. Incentives:

7. Incentives to use LPG in Estonia

Some regions may offer incentives or tax breaks for using alternative fuels like LPG, which can help offset some of the conversion and operational costs. Estonian Government does not offer any incentives to use LPG so the only incentive is lower cost

LPG car Chevrolet Aveao

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